Rise of Rathmore

Peril at King's Landing: Chapter 3

The Tourney Begins!

The captain of the Rathmore Riders, Ser Tarius Brisbane, arrived late in the evening, and was quickly caught up to events. Tarius was delayed attending to the operations of the unit under his command, but had an uneventful (and quick) journey traveling alone on horse.

The next morning the tournament began with a presentation of arms before the King. The noble houses marched in procession, bearing their livery and standards. Some smallfolk were heard to shout insults at the Rathmores as they passed – “Butchers,” “What about the farmers?!” Although Jayce tried a charm offensive, the peasants disappeared into the crowd if confronted. The Dannetts were also in attendance, and several dirty looks were exchanged.

That evening, the royal feast was held. Kevvan met Lady Orlana who introduced her horse-faced daughter, attempting to broach the subject or marriage. To Kevvan. To Reginald. To anyone, really. Seated near the Rathmores were Bryan Telson, accompanying Marissa, and the Lugus entourage.

A sumptuous feast was served. Finally, the King stands to make a toast to the honor of the tourney participates. At this point, Adham Dannett publicly accuses house Rathmore of waging war on his lands. He brings a shield as evidence. Reginald represented the house, presenting convincing evidence in favor of innocence. As the King was deliberating, Adham was getting increasingly worked up. Finally, he threw down a gauntlet, challenging the Rathmore’s to trial by combat. Reginald picked up the gauntlet and accepted before his uncle Kevvan could interject – though he did have to promise that if Adham chose a champion, Reginald must let Kevvan represent house Rathmore. The King declared that the matter would be decided in single combat in the opening round of the tournament.

Reginald was talked up into confidence by his concerned uncle Kevvan the next morning. Adham by contrast looked pale, sweaty, and nervous. Marissa made a bet in Reginald’s favor with a spectator, Petyr Baelish, for a gold dragon. When the trumpet blared, Reginald adopted an aggressive stance, looking for a decisive blow. Adham’s stance was more reserved, however. The two boys crashed together, both lances splintering, and both riders being thrown violently from their mounts.

A moment of stunned silence ensued, with both combatants writhing in pain and moaning. Slowly Reginald struggled to his feet and drew his sword, urged on by the cheers of his household. Adham lay on the ground, his great helm unfastened, gasping for air. Seeing Adham unable to gain his feet, Kevvan shouted to Reginald, “Take his sword!” Reginald took the Dannett heir’s sword, Adham presenting no attempt to stop him, and raised it before the King.

The King declared house Rathmore the rightful victors, and innocent of the crimes of which they were accused. 3 retainers of the Dannett household removed Adham from the field, carrying him to their tent. Kevvan later went to observe, but could only see that the tent was actively guarded by the Dannett master at arms. Consulting with Maester Skeeve from the Lugus household revealed that Adham’s symptoms were consistent with poisoning from Tears of Lys.

Given the tragedy that has befallen the Dannetts, Reginald elects not to collect ransom for Adham’s steed and armor.

Also that day, Tarius won his first round of the joust against a knight named Langly Woods. In the equestrian event, both Tagon and Tarius advanced to the final round. That night, Jayce drank both Tarius and Naton Lugus under the table in a drinking competition at the Greentree Inn, winning a silver stein commemorating the event.

In the second day of jousting, Tarius defeated an unknown hedge knight, while Reginald was unhorsed by Naton Lugus – who in a spirit of camaraderie declines to take ransom for Reginald’s gear. “That Dannett brat getting hurt like that robbed you of your chance for Ransom!” In the equestrian final, Tarius took a fall, while Tagon rode well, being narrowly bested by a Tyrell about Reginald’s age named Loras. A potential trade alliance with highgarden was proposed on the Victor’s stand.

Bad news reached the party when Bryan Telson revealed that Adham Dannett had passed away from wounds suffered in the joust. Some rumors report that he was ill before the tournament. Still others report that he was poisoned. Kevvan instructed Tagon to retrieve the “gift” dagger, but it has gone missing.

In the third day of jousting, Tarius defeated a knight of house Harte. Both Marissa (dressed as a man,) and Tagon advanced to the second round in the archery tournament. A maester’s conclave was held, which Reginald attended – which by extension means Kevvan was forced to attend. That night at the Greentree, Tarius threw the caber furthest, earning his own silver stein.

On the fourth day of the tournament the last Rathmore was eliminated from the joust by Jayson Rykker – a knight of quality who narrowly bested Tarius being scored 2 to 3. Marissa was eliminated from the archery competition, while Tagon advanced to the final.

The semi-final of the joust presented a chance to see some of the best and most famous knights of the kingdom in their element. Head to head against a young archer named Anguy, Tagon’s shots were evenly matched. When the judges called for a second round, Tagon narrowly edged out Anguy to win the competition. That night the party was treated to a Minstrel round at the inn.

Tomorrow will bring the conclusion of the tournament with the final jousting competition, along with the grand melee, and a ball at the red keep to celebrate the victors of the tournament.



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