Rise of Rathmore

Narrator's Log 002 part 3 of 3

Mayhem in the meadow (Glade)

Orten is going first. Joris and I follow too close. Orten tells us to back off a bit.

“Lord RK, I am Orten, son of Conrad Lougas. For the love you bear my father, step forth and show yourself.”

“Who is with you?”

“Just members of my house,” Orten lies.

Sir Joris charges. Reginald chases after, “No, they were talking! Orten is really smart.”

Fox knight ducks under Joris’s wild swing and catches him in the belly with a wicked cut. Joris crashes into the brush, spraying blood.

The fox knight appears confused and makes a run for his horse. Initiative.

Cyrissa runs up and tries to staunch Joris’s bleeding. Marissa shoots the fox knight’s horse. Hits it in the eye. It runs away.

Tagon shoots Fox Knight in the arm, pinning his shield to him. I try to tackle him – he tosses me to the ground easily, almost as if he understands leverage and combat in a way that I don’t. I thought I was being clever coming up on his wounded side.

Kavvan strikes at him with his war spear. Doesn’t penetrate his armor.

He snarls at us and charges, calling us “rebels.”

An arrow takes him in the spine, through his armor and he falls.

He is paralyzed and dying. I can see the hatred in his eyes and he would be shouting invectives if he could talk. He passes.

Apparently he never gave up the fact that we took Robert’s side in Robert’s rebellion. Perhaps he is even a little mad.

Joris will live.

We track Fox Knight’s horse; it has wandered off and died. His bedroll suggests he has been sleeping outside, wherever he can, for years. Batshit crazy.

We take the fox’s half plate to the smith who accused Tagon of knocking up his daughter. He is embarrassed and kind of grateful. He will sell some of our excess in the shop.
He will get it ready for tomorrow, but it is best covered by a tabard since it has seen hard use. It would take him a week to get it ready and good.

Maester tells us that the poison is Tears of Lys, "quite rate. One full dose of the stuff is 100 gold dragons, if it fan be found at all. It is a colorless, odorless liquid as sweet as water. It attacks the stomach and bowels, which weakens and kills after several days of wasting sickness. We can’t think of anyone who has died that way.


Next session: Opening ceremonies; welcome feast. Jousting will start the day after.



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