Rise of Rathmore

Narrator's Log 002 part 2 of 3

After the Mugging in Flea Bottom

The gate we came in was the Kingsgate.

Contemporaneously with the mugging, Tagon is approached by an enraged father who accuses him of getting his daughter with child five months ago in King’s Landing.
Tagon claims he’s gay, but also that he wasn’t in King’s Landing 5 months ago.

The man backs down, and attempts to bargain for 5 Dragons to pay for the child’s upbringing.

How did the father know Tagon’s name?

Our group shows up. I corner a servant as soon as I walk in and relate the events.

Kavvan pulls the father aside as Cyrissa convinces the girl that she should give up her lie. The girl does and is paid off with a few stags. “Why did you pick my uncle as the father of your child?”

This girl is now informing for Cyrissa.

Lougas’s maester also treats Kavvan. His chain is not overly long, but has a silver link. Advises bed rest and no combat for at least a day.

Apparently the trip to the Jade Spring is still on, Kavvan tells me “it is part of the tourney experience.” I conjecture that I may get a discount because of my scar.

Sir Joris is waiting for us when we return to the Greentree Inn. We pack up and head out to get the fox knight, who will surely be vulnerable in his lair.

We go out hunting the fox night. I roll a 5 initiative; it should have died 3 times over and it is finally killed before I get a chance to engage.

Lougas’s maester is Skieve.

The next morning, Reginald awakens very early — it’s an exciting time. There is a package outside the door. There is a package wrapped in gold paper. It contains a note with my name on it, and a dagger with a dragonbone handle. A fine blade, a princely gift, in true.

He is pleased and bouncing around the room and showing everyone his gift. The handle unscrews from the pommel. There are a few drops of clear liquid in the vial.
Uncle Kavvan takes it to Lougas’s maester. He will try to get it identified.

Sir Joris has an iambic pentameter note from the fox knight challenging him to a duel. Sir Joris asks Reginald to be his second. I agree, humbled by the honor.

Unknown to well-read, but inexperienced Reginald, the others in the Inn are riducuiling us, thinking we’re fools. Tagon will go because he “likes a good snipe hunt.”

Naton, who is courting Cyrissa, says he’ll stay with the ladies. Cyrissa decides to go.

Brian, the hedge knight whom Marissa “befriended” at the Jade Springs states he will go to this meeting at the glade in the Kingswood.

There is something about Brian that tells us he’s a little more hip and aware than your usual hedge knight. He tells us about a sword named “scorpion.” It was won by a dornish warrior 100 years or so ago by Prince Martell from Daeron I trying to conquer Dorn. It has been lost. It has a pattern along the blade looks like a scorpion ready to strike (reddish swirls on one side of the blade).

Brian suggests we split up and approach the glade quietly in pairs, so the fox knight can’t escape.

Orten will go first and try to talk to him re: a family debt, and the rest of us can get into position in case (when) he runs.



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