Rise of Rathmore

Narrator's Log 002 part 1 of 2

Fighting our way into King's Landing

We get searched coming in the gate; Cyrissa is carried outside by Tagon as she objected to the search.

Greentree Inn at King’s Landing
They have 3 rooms left

Whorehouse: The Jade Spring. Skills of girls from over the narrow sea, without the diseases. Lyle also manages this establishment.

In a dark corner of the taproom is an older man of martial bearing (a knight?) is starting at us; particularly at Tagon. He smokes a pipe.
Tagon goes over to speak with him. Marissa slides nearby to eavesdrop.

Sir Joris. Greatful to our house for deeds we did during Robert’s Rebellion. Here are dark times ahead for King’s Landing and Westeros. Our group “would be well-served to keep our swords sharp and ready.” Wishes he was still doing it — would be, if he was young enough.

One bandit he was not able to catch. “The Fox Knight. Defeated by Ragor in a tourney; went nuts, took to the woods.” “He is a wiley man. Many years I hunted him. Tomorrow night, perhaps.” “I know where he lairs.”

During his youth, he tracked down bandits.

Naton Lougas. Head of House Lougas. We’re known for fighting and drinking. “War is fun.”

Orten Lougas, the second born, Naton is his bafoon brother.

Chalice with green games around rim on black field. Lesser house of the Westerlands.
House words: “drink, live, last.” A little bit like the Freys, too many heirs. Too many cousins, uncles and others, so they’ve become competitive with each other. Orten doesn’t strike me as this, but they are generally drunken louts.
We are bannermen together – both from Westerlands, probably to the Lannisters.
I remember my father saying one of Tywin “If a man needs to die abed or at fate’s a whim, send a faceless man. If the circumstances of his death need not be disguised, a Lougas is far cheaper.”
Head of house is Conrad Lougas, older than my dad, does not seem to be here.
They are tenting on the green.
Natan and Orten, I recall, have an older sister who married several times, Marita. Tall with a severe look; she plays up the black of her house colors, rather than the silver and green. Gossip mongers call her the black widow. Orten says he has a younger sister, Ludviga; perhaps I can correspond with her.
“World events don’t turn on the edge of a blade.”

On the way to the Lists.
Young child brings false paperwork to show that Kavvan is his father. Makes a scene. Kid gets called out on his lies and sniffles away. Belinda is going to stick with him and find out who gave him the letter.

Lavish lists. Some of the pavilions look like traveling palaces.

I sign up for jousting and we register the house for the melee.

Naton leads us off to the Jade Spring. He gets lots, just as we figure out that we’re in Flea Bottom, Naton is set upon by three footpads.

I stand, wide-eyed as events unfold. A footpad slides out of a shadow and stabs me.
Kavvan beheads him.

Marissa kills one; I back up to Cyrssa to “protect” her; a bald, wiry guy steps out from the shadows and snaps kind of stick across on of the footpads’ hands, disarming him; Belinda hands Cyrissa her bow, she kills the last armed rogue.

Kavvan steps forward and kills the unarmed rogue.

The stranger introduces himself as Syrio Forel, of Bravos. He names the rogues and is glad they are dead. Can’t hang with us b/c duties take him elsewhere.

Cyrissa almost binds Naton’s wounds with her expensive dress, uses Belinda’s instead. She is really nice and respectful to him. Calling him lord. Weird.



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