Rise of Rathmore

Peril at King's Landing: Chapter 3
The Tourney Begins!

The captain of the Rathmore Riders, Ser Tarius Brisbane, arrived late in the evening, and was quickly caught up to events. Tarius was delayed attending to the operations of the unit under his command, but had an uneventful (and quick) journey traveling alone on horse.

The next morning the tournament began with a presentation of arms before the King. The noble houses marched in procession, bearing their livery and standards. Some smallfolk were heard to shout insults at the Rathmores as they passed – “Butchers,” “What about the farmers?!” Although Jayce tried a charm offensive, the peasants disappeared into the crowd if confronted. The Dannetts were also in attendance, and several dirty looks were exchanged.

That evening, the royal feast was held. Kevvan met Lady Orlana who introduced her horse-faced daughter, attempting to broach the subject or marriage. To Kevvan. To Reginald. To anyone, really. Seated near the Rathmores were Bryan Telson, accompanying Marissa, and the Lugus entourage.

A sumptuous feast was served. Finally, the King stands to make a toast to the honor of the tourney participates. At this point, Adham Dannett publicly accuses house Rathmore of waging war on his lands. He brings a shield as evidence. Reginald represented the house, presenting convincing evidence in favor of innocence. As the King was deliberating, Adham was getting increasingly worked up. Finally, he threw down a gauntlet, challenging the Rathmore’s to trial by combat. Reginald picked up the gauntlet and accepted before his uncle Kevvan could interject – though he did have to promise that if Adham chose a champion, Reginald must let Kevvan represent house Rathmore. The King declared that the matter would be decided in single combat in the opening round of the tournament.

Reginald was talked up into confidence by his concerned uncle Kevvan the next morning. Adham by contrast looked pale, sweaty, and nervous. Marissa made a bet in Reginald’s favor with a spectator, Petyr Baelish, for a gold dragon. When the trumpet blared, Reginald adopted an aggressive stance, looking for a decisive blow. Adham’s stance was more reserved, however. The two boys crashed together, both lances splintering, and both riders being thrown violently from their mounts.

A moment of stunned silence ensued, with both combatants writhing in pain and moaning. Slowly Reginald struggled to his feet and drew his sword, urged on by the cheers of his household. Adham lay on the ground, his great helm unfastened, gasping for air. Seeing Adham unable to gain his feet, Kevvan shouted to Reginald, “Take his sword!” Reginald took the Dannett heir’s sword, Adham presenting no attempt to stop him, and raised it before the King.

The King declared house Rathmore the rightful victors, and innocent of the crimes of which they were accused. 3 retainers of the Dannett household removed Adham from the field, carrying him to their tent. Kevvan later went to observe, but could only see that the tent was actively guarded by the Dannett master at arms. Consulting with Maester Skeeve from the Lugus household revealed that Adham’s symptoms were consistent with poisoning from Tears of Lys.

Given the tragedy that has befallen the Dannetts, Reginald elects not to collect ransom for Adham’s steed and armor.

Also that day, Tarius won his first round of the joust against a knight named Langly Woods. In the equestrian event, both Tagon and Tarius advanced to the final round. That night, Jayce drank both Tarius and Naton Lugus under the table in a drinking competition at the Greentree Inn, winning a silver stein commemorating the event.

In the second day of jousting, Tarius defeated an unknown hedge knight, while Reginald was unhorsed by Naton Lugus – who in a spirit of camaraderie declines to take ransom for Reginald’s gear. “That Dannett brat getting hurt like that robbed you of your chance for Ransom!” In the equestrian final, Tarius took a fall, while Tagon rode well, being narrowly bested by a Tyrell about Reginald’s age named Loras. A potential trade alliance with highgarden was proposed on the Victor’s stand.

Bad news reached the party when Bryan Telson revealed that Adham Dannett had passed away from wounds suffered in the joust. Some rumors report that he was ill before the tournament. Still others report that he was poisoned. Kevvan instructed Tagon to retrieve the “gift” dagger, but it has gone missing.

In the third day of jousting, Tarius defeated a knight of house Harte. Both Marissa (dressed as a man,) and Tagon advanced to the second round in the archery tournament. A maester’s conclave was held, which Reginald attended – which by extension means Kevvan was forced to attend. That night at the Greentree, Tarius threw the caber furthest, earning his own silver stein.

On the fourth day of the tournament the last Rathmore was eliminated from the joust by Jayson Rykker – a knight of quality who narrowly bested Tarius being scored 2 to 3. Marissa was eliminated from the archery competition, while Tagon advanced to the final.

The semi-final of the joust presented a chance to see some of the best and most famous knights of the kingdom in their element. Head to head against a young archer named Anguy, Tagon’s shots were evenly matched. When the judges called for a second round, Tagon narrowly edged out Anguy to win the competition. That night the party was treated to a Minstrel round at the inn.

Tomorrow will bring the conclusion of the tournament with the final jousting competition, along with the grand melee, and a ball at the red keep to celebrate the victors of the tournament.

Narrator's Log 002 part 3 of 3
Mayhem in the meadow (Glade)

Orten is going first. Joris and I follow too close. Orten tells us to back off a bit.

“Lord RK, I am Orten, son of Conrad Lougas. For the love you bear my father, step forth and show yourself.”

“Who is with you?”

“Just members of my house,” Orten lies.

Sir Joris charges. Reginald chases after, “No, they were talking! Orten is really smart.”

Fox knight ducks under Joris’s wild swing and catches him in the belly with a wicked cut. Joris crashes into the brush, spraying blood.

The fox knight appears confused and makes a run for his horse. Initiative.

Cyrissa runs up and tries to staunch Joris’s bleeding. Marissa shoots the fox knight’s horse. Hits it in the eye. It runs away.

Tagon shoots Fox Knight in the arm, pinning his shield to him. I try to tackle him – he tosses me to the ground easily, almost as if he understands leverage and combat in a way that I don’t. I thought I was being clever coming up on his wounded side.

Kavvan strikes at him with his war spear. Doesn’t penetrate his armor.

He snarls at us and charges, calling us “rebels.”

An arrow takes him in the spine, through his armor and he falls.

He is paralyzed and dying. I can see the hatred in his eyes and he would be shouting invectives if he could talk. He passes.

Apparently he never gave up the fact that we took Robert’s side in Robert’s rebellion. Perhaps he is even a little mad.

Joris will live.

We track Fox Knight’s horse; it has wandered off and died. His bedroll suggests he has been sleeping outside, wherever he can, for years. Batshit crazy.

We take the fox’s half plate to the smith who accused Tagon of knocking up his daughter. He is embarrassed and kind of grateful. He will sell some of our excess in the shop.
He will get it ready for tomorrow, but it is best covered by a tabard since it has seen hard use. It would take him a week to get it ready and good.

Maester tells us that the poison is Tears of Lys, "quite rate. One full dose of the stuff is 100 gold dragons, if it fan be found at all. It is a colorless, odorless liquid as sweet as water. It attacks the stomach and bowels, which weakens and kills after several days of wasting sickness. We can’t think of anyone who has died that way.


Next session: Opening ceremonies; welcome feast. Jousting will start the day after.

Narrator's Log 002 part 2 of 3
After the Mugging in Flea Bottom

The gate we came in was the Kingsgate.

Contemporaneously with the mugging, Tagon is approached by an enraged father who accuses him of getting his daughter with child five months ago in King’s Landing.
Tagon claims he’s gay, but also that he wasn’t in King’s Landing 5 months ago.

The man backs down, and attempts to bargain for 5 Dragons to pay for the child’s upbringing.

How did the father know Tagon’s name?

Our group shows up. I corner a servant as soon as I walk in and relate the events.

Kavvan pulls the father aside as Cyrissa convinces the girl that she should give up her lie. The girl does and is paid off with a few stags. “Why did you pick my uncle as the father of your child?”

This girl is now informing for Cyrissa.

Lougas’s maester also treats Kavvan. His chain is not overly long, but has a silver link. Advises bed rest and no combat for at least a day.

Apparently the trip to the Jade Spring is still on, Kavvan tells me “it is part of the tourney experience.” I conjecture that I may get a discount because of my scar.

Sir Joris is waiting for us when we return to the Greentree Inn. We pack up and head out to get the fox knight, who will surely be vulnerable in his lair.

We go out hunting the fox night. I roll a 5 initiative; it should have died 3 times over and it is finally killed before I get a chance to engage.

Lougas’s maester is Skieve.

The next morning, Reginald awakens very early — it’s an exciting time. There is a package outside the door. There is a package wrapped in gold paper. It contains a note with my name on it, and a dagger with a dragonbone handle. A fine blade, a princely gift, in true.

He is pleased and bouncing around the room and showing everyone his gift. The handle unscrews from the pommel. There are a few drops of clear liquid in the vial.
Uncle Kavvan takes it to Lougas’s maester. He will try to get it identified.

Sir Joris has an iambic pentameter note from the fox knight challenging him to a duel. Sir Joris asks Reginald to be his second. I agree, humbled by the honor.

Unknown to well-read, but inexperienced Reginald, the others in the Inn are riducuiling us, thinking we’re fools. Tagon will go because he “likes a good snipe hunt.”

Naton, who is courting Cyrissa, says he’ll stay with the ladies. Cyrissa decides to go.

Brian, the hedge knight whom Marissa “befriended” at the Jade Springs states he will go to this meeting at the glade in the Kingswood.

There is something about Brian that tells us he’s a little more hip and aware than your usual hedge knight. He tells us about a sword named “scorpion.” It was won by a dornish warrior 100 years or so ago by Prince Martell from Daeron I trying to conquer Dorn. It has been lost. It has a pattern along the blade looks like a scorpion ready to strike (reddish swirls on one side of the blade).

Brian suggests we split up and approach the glade quietly in pairs, so the fox knight can’t escape.

Orten will go first and try to talk to him re: a family debt, and the rest of us can get into position in case (when) he runs.

Narrator's Log 002 part 1 of 2
Fighting our way into King's Landing

We get searched coming in the gate; Cyrissa is carried outside by Tagon as she objected to the search.

Greentree Inn at King’s Landing
They have 3 rooms left

Whorehouse: The Jade Spring. Skills of girls from over the narrow sea, without the diseases. Lyle also manages this establishment.

In a dark corner of the taproom is an older man of martial bearing (a knight?) is starting at us; particularly at Tagon. He smokes a pipe.
Tagon goes over to speak with him. Marissa slides nearby to eavesdrop.

Sir Joris. Greatful to our house for deeds we did during Robert’s Rebellion. Here are dark times ahead for King’s Landing and Westeros. Our group “would be well-served to keep our swords sharp and ready.” Wishes he was still doing it — would be, if he was young enough.

One bandit he was not able to catch. “The Fox Knight. Defeated by Ragor in a tourney; went nuts, took to the woods.” “He is a wiley man. Many years I hunted him. Tomorrow night, perhaps.” “I know where he lairs.”

During his youth, he tracked down bandits.

Naton Lougas. Head of House Lougas. We’re known for fighting and drinking. “War is fun.”

Orten Lougas, the second born, Naton is his bafoon brother.

Chalice with green games around rim on black field. Lesser house of the Westerlands.
House words: “drink, live, last.” A little bit like the Freys, too many heirs. Too many cousins, uncles and others, so they’ve become competitive with each other. Orten doesn’t strike me as this, but they are generally drunken louts.
We are bannermen together – both from Westerlands, probably to the Lannisters.
I remember my father saying one of Tywin “If a man needs to die abed or at fate’s a whim, send a faceless man. If the circumstances of his death need not be disguised, a Lougas is far cheaper.”
Head of house is Conrad Lougas, older than my dad, does not seem to be here.
They are tenting on the green.
Natan and Orten, I recall, have an older sister who married several times, Marita. Tall with a severe look; she plays up the black of her house colors, rather than the silver and green. Gossip mongers call her the black widow. Orten says he has a younger sister, Ludviga; perhaps I can correspond with her.
“World events don’t turn on the edge of a blade.”

On the way to the Lists.
Young child brings false paperwork to show that Kavvan is his father. Makes a scene. Kid gets called out on his lies and sniffles away. Belinda is going to stick with him and find out who gave him the letter.

Lavish lists. Some of the pavilions look like traveling palaces.

I sign up for jousting and we register the house for the melee.

Naton leads us off to the Jade Spring. He gets lots, just as we figure out that we’re in Flea Bottom, Naton is set upon by three footpads.

I stand, wide-eyed as events unfold. A footpad slides out of a shadow and stabs me.
Kavvan beheads him.

Marissa kills one; I back up to Cyrssa to “protect” her; a bald, wiry guy steps out from the shadows and snaps kind of stick across on of the footpads’ hands, disarming him; Belinda hands Cyrissa her bow, she kills the last armed rogue.

Kavvan steps forward and kills the unarmed rogue.

The stranger introduces himself as Syrio Forel, of Bravos. He names the rogues and is glad they are dead. Can’t hang with us b/c duties take him elsewhere.

Cyrissa almost binds Naton’s wounds with her expensive dress, uses Belinda’s instead. She is really nice and respectful to him. Calling him lord. Weird.

Narrator's Log 001
On the Road

Half a day down the road, the party discovered the scene of a massacre in the woods. About a dozen men were cut down in their sleep as they camped just off the Kingsroad. They were being eaten by a scavenging pack of wolves, which were scared off by Tagon’s expertise in managing animals. Little of worth was left, excepting a sword with a Baratheon stag crest – although uncrowned.

-The party arrives at Dagg’s Inn, near the God’s Eye. There is a chilly reception, which the party discovers from the proprietor is because Adham Dannett and entourage came through the area several days ago with a story that their old enemies the Rathmores had attacked a small farming village. Jayse convinced her that the story is a lie, and for the most part, receive good treatment.

-Marissa engaged a mousy serving girl who recognized the stag sword. She claims that it was owned by a sellsword who came to the inn about a week ago. The man was hired by a knight with a Fox crest on his shield.

-Kavvin talked to an expansive drunk named Garth the Barrel, who was bitter about being rejected by the fox knight, providing character witness that he is humorless and a religious type.

-Tagon talked to the stableboy, who explained that only the fox knight had a horse because one of the mercenaries tried to buy a horse, but they had none to sell.

-The next day on the road, the party is accosted by a trio of messengers from the king who accuse the party of being murderers, a result of the Dannett story. The messengers are bratty kids, who are more interested in being insulting than fighting, however, and go quickly on their way.

-That evening, the party comes to the Inn of the Great Stag. Before arriving, they take steps to conceal the house identity. Which allows them to have a better time at this inn than the last.

A number of rumors are discovered, with Cyrissa discovering a man who worked for the Fox Knight, Ham Flowers. Ham is drunk, and talks about how the Fox Knight had his mercenaries attack the Dannett lands, then killed the mercenaries. Ham says the Fox Knight spared him, because he thought it was loyal to the Targaryens. Cyrissa hires Ham under the pretense of needing a bodyguard.

-The party makes the acquaintance of a merchant named Rog Thanders. Rog attaches himself to the party for safety while traveling.

-About mid-day, the party is attacked. Ham Flowers is killed by an arrow to the eye. Two spearmen attack shouting words in support of the Dannetts. The Fox Knight is spotted slinking off into the woods.The spearmen are easily defeated, but the knight escapes on his horse, though he does drop his shield.

-One of the spearmen, Thomas Hen, is captured alive, and explains to the party that they were hired by Adham Dannett to avenge the deaths of their smallfolk. They show their letter of commission, which Cyrissa can easily see is a crude forgery. Thomas then describes Adham, although his description is completely wrong.

-The party is now about a half a day out from King’s Landing.

Warren's Words 002
Dead men hanging and a grisly discovery

I am Warren, blessed to be the chronicler of the deeds of Lord Reginald Rathmore. This is what he told me:

After a night of rain, we find dead men hanging. One is Jodrell, squire to Lord xxx, who charges me to bury them.

At the inn, we find low-quality wine, and only two rooms.

Warren's Words 001
Invite to Glory! Tourney in King's Landing

I am Warren, blessed to be the chronicler of the deeds of Lord Reginald Rathmore. This is what he told me:

Barnabus Rathmore summons his eldest son, Reginald, to inform him of the invite.

Reginald is charged to promote the House through honor on the field, find a high status match for his older sister, and find business partners for the house arms and armor businesses.

Do you like that, Warren? I’m speaking in third person!


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