Rathmore Rises!

An opportunity to gain honor and status. A young heir is off to seek glory in the lists, a successful match for his older sister, and business partners for the family’s smithy and mines.

It’s the high road to King’s Landing for a tourney to celebrate a wedding. What could go wrong?

Occupying a lonely league of rolling hills on the southern shore of Iron Man’s Bay, Castle Rathfort sits near one of the richest (and newly engineered) mines in all of Westeros. However, the opulent Rathmores are burdened by a reputation for cruelty and deceit not entirely deserved. As a result, the house struggles for greater renown within the Seven Kingdoms, while managing the small but restive rural population of Giant’s Dale, and nursing a feud that spans generations.

Founded by Lann the Clever, Barnabus Rathmore is the current head of house, Reginald Rathmore the current heir, with Tagon as their kennelmaster.

Greycap Mushrooms

Rise of Rathmore

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