Barnabus Rathmore

Head of House Rathmore


Got hurt attacking the Dalettes, and now cripples around the The Rathfort. Father to Reginald Rathmore.


Crippled in battle against House Dennett.

Lord Barnabus Rathmore inherited the Rathfort at the age of 11 with the banishment of his father. The young lord’s life of plenty had been cruelly disrupted by the schemes of the Dannetts, and the weakness of Tytos Lannister. The former evolved into a passion to see the Dannetts wiped out root and stem, while the latter found kinship in the most unlikely of places: Lord Tytos’ more capable son Tywin. With Robert’s rebellion against the Mad King Aerys II in A.D. 282, Lord Barnabus seized upon the opportunity for revenge when the Dannetts declared allegiance to Robert Baratheon. With the uncertainty inherent in the early stages of the War of the Usurper, and not wishing to be caught in a protracted siege as his father was, Lord Barnabus opted to breach the Dannett castle. Like his father, Lord Barnabus led at the front of his forces as they scaled the curtain wall of the Dannett castle. It was there that Dannett resolve stiffened, and both sides were locked in the press of melee combat. The deadlock was broken when the billhook of a smallfolk conscript swept Lord Barnabus off the curtain wall to fall broken onto his host below. Barnabus’ unconscious body was borne back to the Rathmore camp by their retreating troops. Lacking their leader, the Rathmore force retreated to the Rathfort.

Barnabus Rathmore

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