Rise of Rathmore

Narrator's Log 001

On the Road

Half a day down the road, the party discovered the scene of a massacre in the woods. About a dozen men were cut down in their sleep as they camped just off the Kingsroad. They were being eaten by a scavenging pack of wolves, which were scared off by Tagon’s expertise in managing animals. Little of worth was left, excepting a sword with a Baratheon stag crest – although uncrowned.

-The party arrives at Dagg’s Inn, near the God’s Eye. There is a chilly reception, which the party discovers from the proprietor is because Adham Dannett and entourage came through the area several days ago with a story that their old enemies the Rathmores had attacked a small farming village. Jayse convinced her that the story is a lie, and for the most part, receive good treatment.

-Marissa engaged a mousy serving girl who recognized the stag sword. She claims that it was owned by a sellsword who came to the inn about a week ago. The man was hired by a knight with a Fox crest on his shield.

-Kavvin talked to an expansive drunk named Garth the Barrel, who was bitter about being rejected by the fox knight, providing character witness that he is humorless and a religious type.

-Tagon talked to the stableboy, who explained that only the fox knight had a horse because one of the mercenaries tried to buy a horse, but they had none to sell.

-The next day on the road, the party is accosted by a trio of messengers from the king who accuse the party of being murderers, a result of the Dannett story. The messengers are bratty kids, who are more interested in being insulting than fighting, however, and go quickly on their way.

-That evening, the party comes to the Inn of the Great Stag. Before arriving, they take steps to conceal the house identity. Which allows them to have a better time at this inn than the last.

A number of rumors are discovered, with Cyrissa discovering a man who worked for the Fox Knight, Ham Flowers. Ham is drunk, and talks about how the Fox Knight had his mercenaries attack the Dannett lands, then killed the mercenaries. Ham says the Fox Knight spared him, because he thought it was loyal to the Targaryens. Cyrissa hires Ham under the pretense of needing a bodyguard.

-The party makes the acquaintance of a merchant named Rog Thanders. Rog attaches himself to the party for safety while traveling.

-About mid-day, the party is attacked. Ham Flowers is killed by an arrow to the eye. Two spearmen attack shouting words in support of the Dannetts. The Fox Knight is spotted slinking off into the woods.The spearmen are easily defeated, but the knight escapes on his horse, though he does drop his shield.

-One of the spearmen, Thomas Hen, is captured alive, and explains to the party that they were hired by Adham Dannett to avenge the deaths of their smallfolk. They show their letter of commission, which Cyrissa can easily see is a crude forgery. Thomas then describes Adham, although his description is completely wrong.

-The party is now about a half a day out from King’s Landing.



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